Who We Are

Decorative stones from MSA Stone Workx Meet high quality standards and provide outstanding decorative value. We have access to some of the best stone suppliers in the industry Unblock, Techo Bloc, Best Way, Oaks, Brooklin, Triple H, Oakville Stone and Banas Stone This allows us to offer superior paving and landscaping solutions to our residential and commercial customers in the GTA.

We recognize that the entryway to your home or business welcomes your guests and reflects your unique personality. The intricate patterns and vibrant colors of our interlocking pavers make a great first impression. When combined with our superior driveway sealers you can preserve this stunning look for years to come. Whether you have a small project or a large one, we provide personalized attention and quality work.

MSA Stone Workx, offers a variety of great interlocking driveway solutions. From neat and simple asphalt driveways to the more elaborate pavers interlock pathways; our flawless workmanship delivers customer satisfaction. Whatever the size of your property or scope of the project, we provide personalized attention and on-time, within-budget completion.

We treat your landscape as a valuable outdoor living area. Stunning waterfalls and beautifully made natural stone barbeques and counters add pizzazz and functionality for entertaining or just to relax with family. Use our impressive interlocking paver’s patios to enhance your curb appeal and property value.